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Fremont Ross Natatorium

Natatorium at Fremont Ross

Tradition and Success 

Fremont Ross swimming has a long and rich history. For over 75 years, Fremont has had a high quality swimming program.  Over the course of these years, our student athletes have qualified for the Northwest Ohio District Meet as well as the Ohio State High School Swimming and Diving Championship, which is one of the five top meets in the country.  Twelve of our student athletes have or are participating at the collegiate level. When our student athletes graduate, they leave our program having learned about the tradition of swimming for Fremont Ross and they know that they have continued to add history to a rich program.

The first competition pool was located in the Middle School location at 510 Croghan St.  This four lane pool served the needs of our swimmers for 75 years, and with the support of the Fremont Area Foundation and the community of Fremont, a natatorium was built and opened at Fremont Ross High School in the summer of 2006.

The natatorium features:

• Ten (10) land by 10 (10) lane pool with diving well
• Four (4) land X 25 yard warm up area/teaching area
• Flow-through bulkhead
• Stainless steel sidewalls and gutters
• Diamond-Brite bottom with ceramic tile lane guides
• Two (2) 1 meter diving boards
• All lane buoys, starting blocks, safety requirements, etc
• Separate timers room
• Seating for approximately 300 spectators at floor level
• Perimeter seating on two (2) sides of pool deck for swimmer staging
• Ceramic tile floors in all wet areas: epoxy painting throughout entire building
• Separate physical education and swim team locker areas
• Complete restrooms and shower rooms
• Separate physical education and swim team offices
• Storage areas for lane reels, etc.
• Above grade pool equipment room
• Two (2) classrooms and HVAC room above locker rooms
• Additional spectator seating deck above pool deck capable of another 300 seats
• Pool area has complete acoustical “tuning” so it’s not an echo chamber
• Exterior to be a split face block to blend in with existing school masonry

Beck Family Tennis Center

Beck Family Tennis Center

Don Paul Stadium at Harmon Field

Don Paul Stadium

The Story Behind Harmon Field

The stadium at Harmon Field was constructed in the 1930’s as part of the famous Works Progress Administration.  A local landmark, it is one of numerous Harmon Fields built across the country.  The original stadium had a seating capacity of three thousand three hundred and fifty spectators.  The space underneath the bleachers was used for storage for football equipment and as a bus garage.

In 2006, Harmon Field underwent a complete renovation.  The new Don Paul Stadium at Harmon Field includes:

• Field Turf
• Home side (Westside) approximately 4,000 capacity, 12X48 press box, training room, weight room, video rooms and locker rooms
• Main Entrance at the SouthWest corner complete with paving bricks in the shape of a Little Giant and also the SJCC logo along with donor bricks
• Small booster club building for selling school items, located in the south end
• State of the art sound system, along with scoreboards located in both end zones
• Private Seat Licensing (PSL’s) are available for the stadium chairs located below the Press Box.  Licensee’s name is located on the back of each chair.  They will hold ownership as long as they purchase season tickets.